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CHATEAU SISI is established in this China's largest area of origin Rose. It is the live garden of agricultural science and technology. After combining the naturally-gifted environment with modern biotechnology, CHATEAU SISI committed that it only produces nature, pure, healthy and premium highland rose.


Brand Introduction

Geo-Think main push two brands of "Salomé" and "Rio-Rita",which are natural roses series of drinks and daily skin care products.

Area City Address
China Shanghai 999 Huaihai (M)Road,IAPM L5-519 FANCY FRUIT, Shanghai
China Beijing No.2 Jinchengfang Street,Financial Street Shopping Center B1,Xicheng District,Beijing
Area City Address
China EAST Jin Jiang Hotels,Jinling Hotel,Goethe Hotel,Bund hotels,etc.
Area City Address
China EAST Auchan、RT-MART、C-STORE、LAWSON、Quik、CP Lotus Supermarket、Huijin supermarket、SASA、Takashimaya、Ole、NATREGRO、Bazaar By Lotus
Area City Address
China YHD Official lagship store,RIO RITA official store
China SUNING Official stores,CHATEAU SISI official store
China TAOBAO Official stores,SALOME Rosewater official store
China CCB E-mall Official stores,CHATEAU SISI official store
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  • Fax (86)21 5396 5883