Brand Character

CHATEAU SISI s Rose Is a gift of nature, an ancient original species;Is a perfect combination of hand cultivation, contemporary biotechnology, and, organic farming


CHATEAU SISI is located at 1,793m above the sea-lever, this is actually the home of those precious highland rose For hundreds of years, it is the world’s renowned flavor because of its uniqueness and genuineness CHATEAU SISI Is the live garden of agricultural science and technology After combining the naturally-gifted environment with modern biotechnology, CHATEAU SISI committed that it only produces nature, pure, healthy and premium highland rose


Almost 1,000 years ago, rose was known as a moisture and beauty product by the ancient Chinese Wu Zetian, China& 39;s first and only female monarch,was also the first person in Chinese royal family who used rose as a beauty product The beauty secret of Yang Gui Fei (concentrated Emperor& 39;s favours to three thousand ladies in one body) was by rose She usually soaked herself in Huaqing Pool where it was full of fresh rose Empress Ci Xi, who lived in a luxury life, had special passion alone in rose

Gift of Nature, Organic Growing Environment

Highland rose growing in CHATEAU SISI attain the most premium quality because of the highly alkaline soil, the relatively flat terrain, and the dry and cold highland climate The plateau soil is free from pesticides from the low lying area, acid rain, heavy metal, and other pollution Rose living in high attitude environment naturally acquires a strong antioxidant capacity Additionally, the soil here is rich in Selenium, which is a globally recognized anti-cancer element given by nature


Highland rose normally turns matured in May each year Local gardeners get busy as early as four o clock in the morning All the hand picking job must be finished before the sunshine as the rose oil level reaches the highest at that particular time Only the first-time distilled water in the tank is selected to produce the premium rose water


During these years, CHATEAU SISI emphasizes organic farming, pollution free, and excellent quality It is the ultimate source of health, beauty, nature and vitality Our product, containing natural and elegant fragrance, is able to achieve multiple effects, such as whitening, moisturizing and anti-aging At the same time of providing a complete action on the skin, the magical effect of spiritual beauty is also delivered