Social Responsibility

  • Social Responsibility:

    Geothink started as a small enterprise devoting all of its effort in social welfare services for the past years. Under the leadership of top management, Geothink always upholds the public welfare concept of " Organic, Nature and Safety products”, which is derived from the mission and vision of Geothink Ecotech.

  • Environment Responsibility:

    Geothink EcoTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd advocate energy conservation and environment protection and sustainable development, committed to building a resource conserving, environment-friendly enterprises. We planned to use high-tech production equipment management and technology, and actively promote clean production, to ensure the production facilities and environmental facilities synchronous operation. We are making products from nature, clean, comfort and graceful. We respect the natural idea, guide the public to life the natural way, living comfortably life.

  • Ecological commitment:

    Geothink EcoTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is dedicated to help people realize “healthy life, beautiful life”, to beautify and improve people’s life as a goal. At the same time, as a high sense of responsibility enterprise, we concern of society, bear social responsibility.

We are committed to:

  • 1 People-oriented
  • 2 Interests of consumer
  • 3 Quality and safety
  • 4 Sustainable development
  • 5 Protection of environment
  • 6 Socially responsible
  • 7 Caring community