Food Safety

      Geothink EcoTech (shanghai) Co ., Ltd is a professional enterprises which produce rose beverage, skin care product, always strictly comply with national laws and regulations to carry out food and cosmetics production operating activities. All long, to ensure product quality and safety, can allow consumers ease of use the quality and safety goals, the company from” resource, the growth, production, testing” four steps to control enterprises in strict product quality.

  • Geo-think Quality Culture:

    Quality Culture: Integrity, Security, Innovation

    Objectives:Allow consumers ease of use our products

    Company follow the honest and trustworthy business ethics and consciously safeguard the legitimate rights of consumers. Since the venture, uphold the integrity of management, the most important factor of product quality as the core competitiveness of enterprises, strictly make each product health and safety.


  • Supplier quality management:

    Supplier quality management is an important part of our company’s quality management system, it’s goal to provide safe and high quality raw materials for products, eliminate security risk ensure the quality of products from the source.

    We ask all suppliers must provide safe, high quality, consistent with the product and raw material requirements of national laws and regulations.

    We require the suppliers in safety, health, and environment must melt the requirements of national raw and regulations, the quality of products is higher than or equal to the national standards, comply with laws and regulations relevant requirements.

    We have been in strict accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard of law, to assess the material suppliers. From the survey, certification, auditing, management of suppliers, to check whether the vendor certification related, such as ISO 9000 quality standards, ISO 14000 environmental standard, etc.


  • The construction of quality management system :

    The company passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification in 2013, and in strict accordance with the system requirements specification for quality control. First of all, from the resource quality control have to be strictly controlled, in the core of raw materials rose variety selection, soil environment artificial picking on the assurance the excellent quality; secondly, in the growth of QC, for rose grown using the original ecological planting, no particles, no heavy metal residues; strictly control the key link the production process, equipment, packaging, storage and other production; simultaneously detect quality, performance of the product through the 3rd party inspection institutions, once found incompatible situation, immediately find out the cause and take effective measures ensure the quality of products strictly and safety.


We are committed to:

  • 1 People-oriented
  • 2 Interests of consumer
  • 3 Quality and safety
  • 4 Sustainable development
  • 5 Protection of environment
  • 6 Socially responsible
  • 7 Caring community