Geo-think’s Home

      Effective unity and cohesion of each employee’s strength is an important prerequisite for the development of Geo-think, only the staff together , the company could develop. Geo-think pays great attention to cohesion of employees , committed to achieving business value and individual value and common development goals.

  • Employee benefits

    Since the company establishment, has been adhering to the “depend on staff development and development of staff” to the “family” culture concept, continue to provide employee income, the maximum range for the company and in the ability of the internal staff to provide a variety of benefits, in order to improve the quality of life of employees, realize self value.

  • Employee care:

    In order to create a harmonious warm atmosphere, every employee birthday, the company will prepare birthday gifts and blessings for employees. The problem of traditional festivals such as “the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, women’s Day’, the company will give employees to send greetings and care, thanks to the staff of Geo-think career support and dedication.

  • Employee growth:

    The company according to the actual needs, through the development of professional and technical training, training, communication and other internal and external combination of means, to improve employee job skills.

We are committed to:

  • 1 People-oriented
  • 2 Interests of consumer
  • 3 Quality and safety
  • 4 Sustainable development
  • 5 Protection of environment
  • 6 Socially responsible
  • 7 Caring community