Chateau SISI- Gift of Nature
In every May and June, the whole valley becomes the ocean of rose. The rose in full bloom is tender and gorgeous. The air was thick with the scent of roses. It seems that the scent get into your breath, and lingers in your dream.
Natural Rose
Highland rose growing in CHATEAU SISI attain the most premium quality because of the highly alkaline soil, the relatively flat terrain, and the dry and cold highland climate. Rose living in high attitude environment naturally acquires a strong antioxidant capacity. Rich floral and lasting fragrance is also achieved due to the fact of slow metabolism in plateau. Among all the plants that contain Selenium in the local agricultural sector, rose takes the No. 1 place in terms of the quantity of Selenium.
Hand Cultivation
Highland rose normally turns matured in May each year. Local gardeners get busy as early as four o'clock in the morning. All the hand picking job must be finished before the sunshine as the rose oil level reaches the highest at that particular time. Only the first-time distilled water in the tank is selected to produce the premium rose water.

SALOME Rose 520 Flower Drink

Flower drinks contains rose fragrance.
Essence of manual picking fresh rose flower.
Physical heat distillation extraction technology.
Elegant delicacy.
VIP price:¥6.5Market price7.8RMB
  • Hand Cultivation
  • Purified Spring Water
  • Traditional Preservation
  • Precise Temperature
  • Strictly Control
  • First-time Distilled Water