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"Chateau SiSi"Wheat Drink 260ml

The tender wheat seedlings with a choice of about 30 days and 20-30 centimeters in height are produced by Japanese technology. They are a convenient and natural healthy drink.
A unique growing environment
Every five or six months, the valley and the manor become the sea of roses, and the blooming roses are full of fragrance. The strong smell that permeates the air seems to enter your breath and linger in your dreams. The plateau rose that grows in such a wonderful environment is precious. In fact, the domestic and international standards of rose and rose essential oils are based on the standard of native rose and rose essential oil.
Best time period and hand picking
At four in the morning, the pickers began to be busy, and the harvest must be finished before the sun shines. Because in the early morning, when the roses are half open and the stamens are yellow, the quality of their condensation and essential oil reaches the highest. These morning dew flowers were immediately put into the flower storage pond for traditional preservation to avoid volatilization of effective aromatic substances. The flowers were then added to the distillation tank and purified water was added to the traditional processing. We only choose the first rose distillate extracted from the first distillation to make high-quality rose beverage.