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"Chateau SiSi"Rose Buds

Selected from the world's five largest rose production area of the Xi Xi Rose Manor (average elevation of 1793 meters), ecological planting, hand picking!
The pure plateau saline alkali soil is completely not from the low altitude areas of pesticides, acid rain, heavy metals and other pollution. The growing environment of the plateau has created a strong antioxidant capacity of the rose, while the slow metabolism of the plateau makes it fragrant and lasting. The good quality of its origin prevents it from using pesticides and fertilizers during its growth.
What is particularly valuable is that the soil here is rich in natural trace elements selenium, which is widely recognized as an anticancer and anti-cancer element in the world, and has important health care value.
A unique growing environment
Every five or six months, the valley and the manor become the sea of roses, and the blooming roses are full of fragrance. The strong smell that permeates the air seems to enter your breath and linger in your dreams. The plateau rose that grows in such a wonderful environment is precious. In fact, the national standard of the Chinese rose essential oil (GB/T 22443-2008) and the international standard (ISO 25157-2013) are all based on the standard of native rose and rose essential oil.
Best time period and hand picking
At four in the morning, the pickers began to be busy, and the harvest must be finished before the sun shines. Because in the early morning, when the roses are half open and the stamens are yellow, the quality of their condensation and essential oil reaches the highest. These flower blossoms, full of morning dew, are immediately put into the flower storage pond for traditional preservation to avoid volatilization of effective aromatic substances. The flower bud was then added to the vacuum distillation tank for vacuum drying or processed by traditional drying / drying. We only use hand picked top rose buds to make high-quality rose dry buds.