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SALOME Rose Drink 260ml

Flower drinks contains rose fragrance and honey.
Essence of manual picking fresh rose flower.
Physical heat distillation extraction technology.
Elegant delicacy,Fashion and health drinks
Gift of Nature, Organic Growing Environment
In every May and June, the whole valley becomes the ocean of rose.The rose in full bloom is tender and gorgeous. The air was thick with the scent of roses. The highland rose from CHATEAU SISI gives you a faint scent when you first smell it.After a while, the aroma will get stronger and become long-lasting.Together with Bulgarian, Turkish, Moroccan and Turkish Farmer, highland rose also secures a position in the world’s Top 5 list in terms of aroma.
Hand Cultivation
Highland rose normally turns matured in May each year. Local gardeners get busy as early as four o'clock in the morning.All the hand picking job must be finished before the sunshine as the rose oil level reaches the highest at that particular time. Only the first-time distilled water in the tank is selected to produce the premium rose water.
  • Hand Cultivation
  • Purified Spring Water
  • Traditional Preservation
  • Precise Temperature
  • Strictly Control
  • First-time Distilled Water
  • Wu Zetian
    China's first and only female monarch,was also the first person in Chinese royal family who used rose as a beauty product. Each day, the female monarch drunk rose-related beverage, and applied rose petals on face before going to sleep. According to the records, her appearance remained extremely delicate even when she was over sixty years old.
  • Yang Gui Fei
    The beauty secret of Yang Gui Fei (concentrated Emperor's favours to three thousand ladies in one body) was by rose. She usually soaked herself in Huaqing Pool where it was full of fresh rose. The poetry of "The Song of Unending Sorrow" by Bai Juyi , saying, it was early Spring when they bathed her in Huaqing Pool, it warmed and smoothed the creamy-tinted crystal of her skin, actually indicated the time of annual rose harvest season.
  • Empress Ci Xi,
    who lived in a luxury life, had special passion alone in rose. According to《Royal sweet dimly discernible record》 in Qing Dynasty, the Ci Xi's daily facial cream was mixed with rose essence and traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, She was also in love with rose jam, which gave her a refreshing and long-lasting fragrance.