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"RIORITA"“RIORITA” Natural Rosewater

FragranceCharming rose fragrance
Rio-Rita Rosewater contains natural (aromatic) plant actives. The organic "hormones" replenish bio-cell, moisture body and protect inner water, relieve pressure, detoxify the body and dispose wastes and moderate mental depression. Its aroma and taste refresh your mind and rejuvenate body, set your charm to the limit!Princess Scented ---- A Fairytale Comes True.
Wherewhere is Riorita from?
Our rose is grown at the plateau with latitude of 1,800 meters in remote mountain area with full sunshine and blue sky. It is far from industrial pollution, which is certified and protected by Geographic Origin by government.
QualityElegant Delicacy, Long-lasting Taste
Research proves that the alcohol, ketone, ester, ethers and other active ingredients and natural fragrance from aromatic plants can enhance human immunity to a great extent, increase memory and moderate skin metabolism. SALOME and RIORITA brings classic & multi-ingredient formula, presents a drinking cosmetic to make beautiful life much easier.
BeautyEssence of Innerbeauty
•Flower drinks contains rose fragrance and honey
•Essence of manual picking fresh rose flower 
•Physical heat distillation extraction technology
• Elegant delicacy,Fashion and health drinks