RIORITA Rose Essential Moisturizing Mist 100ml

Rio-Rita rose is grown at the plateau with latitude of 1,800 meters in remote mountain area with full sunshine and blue sky. It is far from industrial pollution, which is certified and protected by Geographic Origin by government. Every piece of rose is well select in fresh morning air environment. This product inherits ancient tradition and imperial beauty secret meanwhile maintains rose flower origins, is rich in plant active energy, triple moisturizing effect, wake up skin, give skin the natural physiological balance, tonifying, firming, energizing.
【Product Efficacy】:This product is almost colorless to slightly red transparent liquid, air is sweet. It contains natural (aromatic) plant actives. The organic “hormones” replenish bio-cell, moisture body and protect inner balance. Its aroma and taste refresh your mind and rejuvenate body, set your charm to the limit.
  • tonifying

  • firming

  • energizing

  • relieving

【Specifications】:100 ml /bottle.【Usage and dosage】After clean the face, gently mist the face and neck, and tap until fully absorbed. Use daily to moisturize and tone at any time. Not be used for sensitive skin.
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Vip price:¥175Market price198PMB